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InnerPeace Pilates Causing Inner Turmoil

29 Jul

I just bought a Groupon for InnerPeace Pilates in West Dundee, Ill.  I get five mat classes for 27 dollars.  A pretty good deal, in my opinion.  Once I clicked ‘buy’, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Oh crap.  What did I just get myself into?

The only pilates and yoga experience I have is a few beginner practices OnDemand on ExerciseTV (which I love, btw).  I do Pilates Abs to help my bulging disc and YogaWorks for Beginners sporadically, when enough time has passed for me to forget that I don’t really enjoy it.

Yoga, in my opinion, is not relaxing.  I’ve never been flexible.  Ever.  President’s Fitness Test Day in elementary school?  Worst day of my life.  ‘Sit and reach’ can go to Hades. 

Pilates Abs isn’t all that bad, and I actually find it to be a great core workout.  But abs are only one part of pilates.  I’m scared for the other stretchy parts that a mat class will include.

Plus, I’ll be doing it in front of other people, instead of the secluded comfort of my own living room.

But, in the name of being adventurous and trying something new for a 50 percent discount, I’m just ballsy enough to give it a go.  Plus, my gym is sort of going in the toilet, so I need a change of pace.

I may try it this weekend, if I dare.  I’ll probably ask which classes would best fit a beginner (and I mean beginner, not “oh, this is for beginners” and you have me standing on my head or something).

I’ll report back and let you know if I’ll be using the rest of the four classes.  And if you’re in the mood for a laugh, walk down Main Street in Dundee and peek in the window.  I’ll be the girl in the back, sweating, cussing and falling over, when everyone else is in their “zen” place.

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