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WDW Wednesdays: Halloween

8 Sep

Around this time of year, when mornings are brisk and all I want is a cup of hot apple cider, I get all excited for Halloween, and the endless possibilities of costumes for the biggest party of the year in Madison.

Spending Halloween in Disney was almost as magical as Madison (minus a riot or two).  Magic Kingdom is all decked out in rust-colored leaves and orange Mickey pumpkin heads.

Magic Kingdom at Halloween

Main Street in Magic Kingdom at Halloween

One of my favorite things I did at WDW was the Legend of Sleepy Hollow carriage ride.  Being from Sleepy Hollow, and an avid fan of the Washington Irving story and Walt Disney animated film featuring Bing Crosby (love him!), this was a must-do for me!

At Fort Wilderness Lodge, a carriage ride takes you through the story of the Headless Horsemen, and after making a wrong turn, leads you into dangerous territory!

I’m a scaredy-cat, and only got mildly excited (mildly…) during the ride, but mostly it just put me in a great Halloween mood!

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