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WDW Wednesdays: Halloween 5K

3 Aug

Now that I’m back in the swing of blogging again, Walt Disney World Wednesdays are back, too!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–I always have a WDW trip in the works!  The present time is no exception.

I’ll be going to WDW with my family (plus sister’s boyfriend) the last week of September to celebrate sister Amanda’s birthday, and to hit up the opening weekend of the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

When I was working at EPCOT, I was lucky enough to be there during Food and Wine.  I was able to hit up so many of the food booths because I lived there and went during lunch breaks or just on days off with friends.  The festival features so many different ethnic foods, and I’m so glad I get to go back with my whole family this time.

Halloween 5K Course Map

3.1 miles around Animal Kingdom

As part of the Food and Wine Festival, runDisney is hosting the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend that same opening weekend.  While I am in no shape to run a half or even a half relay, the family Halloween 5K is definitely doable.  I may even run some of it if the Couch to 5K Challenge continues to go well considering my herniated disc. (Injection #2 is tomorrow. Ugh)

The best part is that both my mom and sister will be participating with me!  When I did the Beauty and the Beast Royal Family 5K in February, all I thought was, this would be so much fun with Mom and Amanda!  What could be better than racing through a WDW Park? With characters along the way! And you get a t-shirt!

Jack Skellington tee

From disneystore.com, nothing says Halloween like Jack!

Needless to say, I’m excited.  Plus, we bought Jack Skellington t-shirts to wear during the race to keep with the Halloween theme and to match as a team.  We’re going to be so cute!

The 3.1 miles takes us through Animal Kingdom, which should be gorgeous early in the morning, and a little creepy, too, with all the shade (which fits since it’s the Halloween 5K).

The last few years I’ve been forgetting to get in the Halloween spirit. This race should do the trick!



26 Jul

My mid-year’s resolution is to blog more…

In all seriousness, I have really slacked on this blog.  But, the downside of being The Lil’ Wanderer is that I’m never in one place long enough to write a post!  Plus, my position managing the PRSA New Professionals Blog had to take priority, which has proved to be the right choice since we’re receiving so much good press and positive feedback.  Check it out! I also blog on a private community, and I can’t slack with my relationships there.

Princess 5K

With co-worker during the Beauty & the Beast Royal Family 5K, part of WDW Princess Half Marathon Weekend, while in O-Town for work

So where does that leave me since November 2010?  I feel like a different person.  From joining the PRSA New Professionals Section executive committee, finishing a WDW 5K with a case of tonsilitis (and significant fever), getting snowed out of Chicago during the big blizzard of 2010, business trips to Vegas, Orlando, Stevens Point, Wis., Columbus and many more, to dating (and breaking up) and vacationing with friends in Colorado, I’m surprised I made it out of winter alive.  (I won’t say spring because we didn’t have a spring in Chicago this year.)  I’ve had a rough 2011 so far, but I feel that things are finally looking up.  Big changes are coming in August.

First, my last business trip with USDTL will be in August to Boston, which also happens to be my 25th birthday.  I’ll be hitting up some UW and WDW friends while I’m there, so I can get at least some celebrations in.

Why my last trip?  I have accepted an offer with a PR agency in Chicago to be an account executive in their insurance, HR consulting, risk management sector!  My Section Chair works for the company, had nothing but good things to say about the opportunity and the interview process all happened very quickly. 

The decision to leave USDTL was very difficult for me, emotionally and for more left-brain reasons as well.  In the end, I was excited for the new opportunity to dig into PR, gain a new set of skills and meet and work with other PR professionals.  I start August 15, and I’m overwhelmed with a range of emotions about it.  I know I’ll feel better once I finally start and learn the ropes.  I will miss everyone at USDTL, since they treat everyone as family from day one.  They all have been so supportive of my news–I am so lucky.

Hollywood Studios

With some WDW College Program friends 🙂

Working downtown also means I’ll be moving!  About time, eh?  Right now I’m looking in the Arlington Heights area–close to the Metra, a shorter drive to the Northbrook office and lots of nicer apartments around the “hot spots” in the “downtown” area. (Hey, it’s still the suburbs…)  I can’t wait to have my own little place and have some visitors over!

I guess it’s good that I was too busy to write in the last seven months, rather than too bored.  It seems like life isn’t slowing down, as much as we’d like it to.  I have a feeling, though, that 25 is going to be even more amazing than 24. 

I promise to blog my quarter-century adventures more often than I did this year! I won’t be traveling out-of-state for work anymore, but I know I’ll have new Chicago wanderings to share. Plus, I’ve got some great, new experiences for WDW Wednesdays.  I always have a trip in the works, and this year is no different!

Happy Birthday to Me

6 Aug
Birthday cake

Had my cake and ate it, too.

I love my birthday. A little too much, I think.

Having a summer birthday isn’t easy. Growing up, I never got to bring in cupcakes or brownies to my elementary school class, and I never got my birthday announced over the loudspeaker in the morning. I never got my locker decorated by friends in middle school or high school. Many times, my friends would be on vacaction with their families during my birthday parties.

I had gotten used to small events for my birthday. Once I hit college, it was a totally different ball game. I had tons of friends, all in one place, and most of them stayed in Madison over the summer. Sure, one or two would be missing on vacation or working internships in other cities. But I’m happy to say, I’ve had some seriously epic birthdays since college.

Today is a day all about me. Just me. Not my sister, not my friends, not boys. Just me. One day a year when everyone can dote on me. Normally, I’m the one listening to boy drama, going the extra step to make someone else’s day special, or just sending a little email to a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile. All I ask, is that one day a year, people notice me on my birthday.  All fights, disagreements, or general annoyances can be forgiven today.  Haven’t said hi to me on facebook in awhile? I don’t care. As long as you write Happy Birthday on my wall today, everything is forgotten. Keep ditching me on Friday nights when I go out? That’s ok, as long as you buy me a shot tonight.

It’s the one day a year when people have to listen to me when I talk. It’s the one day a year when I actually get to talk! 364 days out of the year, I’m a wallflower. Today, I want to be the center of attention.

Today will likely be a pretty chill night.  Again, like years past, a lot of people won’t be around for my birthday.  The Summer Curse strikes again.  A lot of my Sleepy Hollow friends have moved.  My college friends are spread out all over the country.  Almost all of my Disney friends have moved back down to Orlando and are living it up together.  So, I’m here in Sleepy Hollow, hoping one or two people can make it out tonight.

I’ll relish in the facebook postings, the texts from friends, and hopefully a drunk dial or two tonight.  All I ask is, wherever you are, friends, that you tip your glass to me.  Tomorrow you can go back to toasting Obama or PETA, or whatever it is you beatniks do.  But today, can it be about me?

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